Apple event 27 October
The live stream from California will begin at 10am on 27 October Apple

Apple is holding a media event at its Cupertino, California headquarters on 27 October. The presentation starts at 10am local time and is expected to last for between 60 and 90 minutes.

The presentation is expected to reveal a new range of MacBook Pro laptops with an updated design and touch screen above the keyboard. There will be a live video stream broadcast from Apple's website, as well as to iOS devices and the Apple TV. Here is how to watch on these and other devices.

Apple MacBook Pro launch: How to watch on a Mac

Simply head to the Apple website and the live stream will be ready and waiting for you at 10am local time (6pm BST) on 27 October. The only caveat here is that you have to use Apple's own Safari web browser to view it; Google Chrome, Firefox and others do not work with Apple live streams. Make sure your Mac is running OS X 10.8.5 or later and your Safari is up to date.

Apple MacBook Pro launch: How to watch on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

The same website can also be used to watch the live stream on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Make sure you are running at least iOS 7 and you can only watch it via the Safari browser. Again, make sure your iOS and Safari are up to date beforehand.

Apple MacBook Pro launch: How to watch on the Apple TV

If you would rather watch Tim Cook and co on a bigger screen, then the live broadcast will also be streamed to the Apple TV. A new channel will appear on the home screen earlier in the day, so keep an eye out for that and tune in for the 10am start (PST, see time zone list below for guidance).

Apple MacBook Pro launch: How to watch on a PC

This is where things start to get complicated. Windows 10 users can watch through the Microsoft Edge browser, but anyone running an older version of Windows or don't watch to use Edge have to get a little creative.

First, install the free VLC media player from here. Then point it towards one of the two links in the box below by clicking on Media in the top left, then Open Network Stream. Paste in the link and click Play. These links are used by the Apple TV and will appear blank or broken until the presentation actually begins.

Apple MacBook Pro launch: How to watch on Android

The same PC rules apply here. Download the VLC media player, open the app's menu then tap the Stream option and paste in either one of the two links. If one doesn't work after the event has started, try the other.

Apple MacBook Pro launch: What time will the keynote start?

Here is that 10am start time converted into most major time zones around the world:

  • California: 10am
  • New York: 1pm
  • London: 6pm
  • Paris: 7pm
  • Moscow: 8pm
  • Beijing: 2am (28 October)
  • Tokyo: 3am (28 October)
  • Sydney: 4am (28 October)