Apple showed off a new line of Mac computers on Monday (June 10), including a sleek, cylindrical-shaped Mac Pro due later this year that will be assembled in the United States.

Executives showed off the computer as Apple kicked off its annual conference for its developers.

Marketing chief Phil Schiller offered the audience a sneak peek at Apple's upcoming new Mac Pro - its top-of-the-line computer with a sleek cylindrical chassis that he said will feature several times the processing and memory speed and power of the previous generation.

It will be released later this year and will be assembled in the United States, Schiller said.

"Can't innovate any more, my ass," Schiller said as he showed off the new Mac Pro.

Apple also updated MacBook Air with all day battery life and fourth generation Intel Core processors with faster graphics.

Apple also announced a new operating system for the Mac PC called "Mavericks," moving away from its penchant for naming its computer software after big cats. The new OS can handle multiple display and "tagging" of documents, among other new features. Finally, Apple also unveiled iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad; a complete redesign of their mobile operating system..

Cook is under pressure to show that the company that created the smartphone and tablet markets is not slowing down as deep-pocketed competitors such as Samsung and Google encroach on its share.

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