Coverage from the WWDC keynote where Apple CEO Tim Cook will talk iOS 7, Mac OS X and more.

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  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Announced
  • Updated MacBook Airs with Haswell Chips
  • Mac Pro prototype shown off
  • iOS 7 confirmed with completely new design
  • iTunes Radio confirmed, coming to iOS 7, Mac OS X Mavericks and iTunes for Windows

8:03pm - And that's you're lot folks. Lots of new stuff from Apple, with iOS the standout announcement. Thanks for reading and make sure to check back to IBTimes UK soon for analysis of Apple's big announcements.

8:01pm - Wrap up time and what better way to wrap up than another Apple ad....

8:01pm - "We are incredibly proud of all these products. I'd like to thank everyone at Apple that works so hard to create them." - Cook

8:00pm - Cook - "iTunes Radio is the best way to discover new music"

iTunes Radio Mac Os X Mavericks

7:59pm - iOS 7 available to developers today, for everyone else in the fall. Will be available on iPhone 4 and later, iPad and later; fifth generaton iPod touch.

7:57pm - Cook on iOS 7: "It's the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of iPhone"

7:55pm - iTunes Radio built into iOS 7 and Apple TV and OS X and even iTunes on Windows. It will be ad-supported and let you buy music ou are listenting to directly from the app. Led Zepplin is the headline band launching the service.

7:52pm - And there it is, iTunes Radio, built directly into the new-look music player.

itunes Radio

7:51pm - App updates in iOS 7 will no longer require manual updates.

7:49pm - Big new feature for iOS - iOS in the Car - a completely new interface for dashboard screens. Cue announces huge line up of manufacturers rolling this out in 20134, including Mercedes, Kia, Nissan, Ferrari, Opel and Jaguar. Big move from Apple.

iOS in the car

7:49pm - Siri can now adjust settings for you, such as brightness, as well as search Twitter and Wikipedia. You will also get Bing search results from Siri, which isn't the best news ever.....hopefull that can be changed.

7:48pm - Eddy Cue up to talk Siri, and the first thing annoucned is a new male voice option as well as international voices - very much like HAL from 2001.

7:46pm - Now onto Siri

7:41pm: Share photos directly to AirDrop, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook and to other people's photo streams.

New camera app on iOS 7

7:40pm - New camera app now on display which has an automatic square camera orientation. Photo apps will organise your photos into what Apple is calling "Moments"

AirDrop for iOS on iOS 7

7:39pm - AirDrop for iOS announced, but not coming to iPhone 4 or 4S, meaning its only iPhone 5.

Apple's shown far more than enough to maintain the lead already. The rest of the event is gravy

— Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) June 10, 2013

7:35pm - Updates to Safari in iOS 7 - Full screen interface, smart search field, favourites, parental contorls, iCLoud Keychain and new tab view.

Safari in iOS 7

7:34pm - Full multi-tasking for all apps in iOS 7 which will help increase battery life. The sytem will intelligently update, knowing which apps you use more often. 7:31pm - Control Center - swipe up from the bottom to access it, lets you control thinks like settings, brightness, media controls, Airplay and Apps from one place. Again, a lot like Android

iOS 7 Control Center

7:30pm - Notificaiton Center completely redesigned also. Everything is very, very flat. Helps make the devices seem thinner somehow. 7:27pm - Swiping through days in the calendar app, and WAIT FOR IT.....a back button....well sort of. A new gesture from the left edge allows you to go back one step in an app.

iOS 7 Weather App

7:26pm - Animated backgrounds come to iOS, very similar to Android, while weather app has also been redesigned with animations akin to what we're used to seeing in the likes of HTC's Sense weather app. 7:25pm - Craig Federighi back on stage to demo iOS 7. Continuing his digs at former iOS deisgn head Scott Forstall and his love of "felt and wood."

7:22pm - iOS 7 is here. COMPLETELY redesigned, new icons, new fonts, new pretty much everything. Tim Cook back up on stage to talk about it following huge applause after video introducition

7:16pm - Cook playing up the customer satisfaction of Apple customers compared to Android and Windows Phone.

7:15pm - After a rather boring iWorks demo, we're back talk iOS. And some more figures, 600 million devices sold in total, and iPhone users use their phones 50% more than Android users according to Cook. 7:05pm - Tim Cook back up taking iOS. iCloud has sent 800 billion iMessages and 7.5 trillion push notifications; 240 million people use Game Center. Now talking about new versions of iWork with iCloud integration. No one seems too interested in this at Moscone....

IWork gets the iCloud treatment #WWDC - now iPad users can take their docs to a PC - If Mohammed does not go to the mountain.... — carolina milanesi (@caro_milanesi) June 10, 2013

7:04pm - Mac Pro coming later this year with all new Flash memory, which is 2.5x faster than current fastest Flash. In terms of graphics, first Mac to come with dual workstation GPUs. This is definitiely not a PC you'll be buying your gran. 7:01pm - It's a sort of cylindrical desktop PC - supports 4K displays, Thunderbolt 2 with data transfers of 20Gbps....looks menacing. "Can't innovate any more my ass," Schiller says confidently. LOTS of cheers for that comment.

7:00pm - Now for something new - "Mac Pro is really important to delivering on that" New form factor, new design for the next ten years. It's one eight the size of the previous generation. It's pretty dinky. 6:55pm Phil Schiller now on stage unveiling updated MacBook Airs with longer battery life, faster WiFi more storage and faster graphics.

6:51pm: Developer preview of Mavericks available today with consumer code ready for the "Fall" 6:50pm - While Maps on Mavericks looks a lot better, it simply cannot compete with Google Maps, especially the latest update which is simply astounding. Really, try it, it's amazing.

6:47pm: iBooks coming to Mac OS X, which is nice.....I guess.

6:45pm - Calendar and Maps also updates for Mac OS X Mavericks, with faux-leather feel of calendar gone and better intergration between Maps on OS X and iOS, letting you plot route on dekstop and with one-click send it to your iPhone. Nice

Apple is fixing a lot of loose ends in OS X, solving pain points and linking to iOS better. — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) June 10, 2013

6:43pm - Notifications updates to allow you respond inline and update apps in the background. 6:42pm - Apple anounces iCloud Keychain to manage your online passwords across all devices. It will even suggest secure passwords for you and store then securely in the cloud.

6:40pm - Federighi moves onto Safari, showing off Shared Links feature which is a sidebar in the browser showing off links shared by your followers on Twitter, LinkedIn etc

6:33pm - Compressed memory is the next hot topic being discusses. Federighi is really speaking to the audience in front of him of developers rather than the consumers wanting to head about the "awesome"

6:30pm - Federighi now talking about.....timer coalescing....we're not sure either

6:27pm - Federighi now showing off new features of OS X Mavericks. Nothing huge so far but nice incremental improvements, especially for power users.

6:26pm - Multiple display support coming with OS X Mavericks, which will be great for the core creative audience that MacBooks and iMacs appeal to.

6:24pm - Next feature - Tags. Letting you tags anything from files and photos with different tags, even iCloud items, which will appear in the Finder.

6:22pm - First new feature, is Finder Tabs - basically allowing you have multiple Finder windows open in one pane, like multi-tabbed browsing.

6:21pm - Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple announces OS X 10 - Mavericks

6:18pm - Now onto Mac. Install base of 72 million - double what it was five years ago. Cook pointing out just how much Mac sales have risen in comparison to general PC market

6:15pm - Guys from Onkee now on stage showing off some self-driving cars - they are only the size of scalextrics cars buy still impressive. Using iOS devices as remotes and "brains behind the cars" Very impressive....

First third party developer on Apple's stage 12 minutes in. Google didn't have a single one in 3 and a half hours — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) June 10, 2013

6:10pm - 50 billion apps downloaded from App Store in less than five years. 900,000 apps in the store. 90% downloaded each month. 375,000 designed for iPad - compares with "just a few hundred from those other guys" Ouch. 575,000,000 App Store accounts and Apple has paid developers $10 billion, $5bn of which was in the last year. this is three times more than all other platforms combined.

That opening video could not make it any clearer: simplicity, richness, overall experience is what matters to Apple — carolina milanesi (@caro_milanesi) June 10, 2013

6:05pm - Now talking about Apple retail stores. 407 stores in 14 countries around the world.

6:04pm - 24th developer conference and attendees from over 60 countries.

6:03pm - Tim Cook on stage

6:02pm - Speeaking about software - "The first thing we ask is how it will make people feel?2 Surprise, love connection...

6:01pm - And we're off, starting with a video...

5:59pm - Almost there. Ever wondered how many people are at an event like this, well the picture below gives you some idea...

5:50pm - Everyone wants to talk to Woz apparently, even former vice-president and eco-warrior Al Gore

5:50pm - Apparently Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been spotted at WWDC today, which could point to some Apple-Yahoo tie-ups coming in iOS 7?

5:43pm - Just 15 minutes to go before the keynote kicks off, and while their isn't any expectation that Apple will talk about new iPhones or iPads today, it does need to try and reinstill some confidence in the company, with its shares ahving tanked lately.

5:29pm - Tim Cook looks very relaxed ahead of the keynote, posing for photos with fans in front of the stage - can't imagine Steve Jobs ever doing that.

5:25pm - the doors of the Moscone Center have been opened and the press are seated, with the stage set-up looking distinctly 'cool'

Myanmar's quake death toll rises to 48
(Image Credit: Tim Bradshaw via Twitter) IBTimes/CSI

5:24pm - Apologies folks the windmill powering the IBTimes UK broadband fell over there for a while but fingers crossed we seem to be back up and running.

4:18pm - With 1 hour 41 minutes and 35 seconds left until kick-off, the queue outside the Moscone Center is getting resless. Remember, some of these people have been here for 14 hours now. Can't imagine the smell is all that nice either...

Elizabeth Taylor
Picture Credit: Jacqui Cheng via Twitter Reuters

4:00pm - THE WOZ IS HERE. Apple co-founder and all-round nice guy Steve Wozniak has arrived at WWDC and never one to be understated, has done so on a Segway. Only he could get away with this...

3:47pm - Just in case you were wondering, the Apple keynote is scheduled to last two hours. For reference Google i/O keynote this year went on for three and a half hours....

3:41pm - It's raining in San Francisco and there's a dog walking around with a WWDC security badge on. Just so you know.

3:40pm - Just in case there was any confusion, that last update was not 100% accurate.......of course Apple isn't going to launch the iPad 7, it's the iPad 5.

Chris Brown
The Moscone Centre in San Francisco decked out in bright colours ahead of this evenings announcement. Reuters

3:15pm - In what is now traditionally seen as the first indication that Apple is about to launch new hardware, the company's online store is down for updates. for those of you not well versed in French, the message below reads: "We're about to launch iWatch, iTV iPhone 6, iPad 7 and an iHouse later today..."

2:47pm - By the way, if you haven't read it, here's our preview of what to expect at WWDC this evening. Enjoy

2:45pm - We're hours away from the keynote taking place, but there are people who have been queuing up outside the Moscone Center for over 12 hours, just so they can get a seat at the front to listen to Tim Cook. Dedicated or deluded? You tell us in the comments below....

2:35pm - Good afternoon people, just three hours away from the start of WWDC when Tim Cook, Apple CEO, will take to the stage to talk iOS 7, Mac OS X updates, new MacBooks and iMacs and probably details of Apple's new music streaming service iRadio.