Phone regulator Phonepayplus has issued a warner to smartphone users, after uncovering two applications that charge the user without their knowledge or consent.

One of the applications has been shut down by the regulator, after it was discovered to be sending and receiving text messages and charging £4.50 per message without users knowing.

Smartphone apps could be costing more than you realise

Phonepayplus, the regulatory body for all premium rate phone-paid services, has issued plans for more protection to be given to customers against rogue applications.

The regulator is now proposing that customers' consent to charges is made clearer, password requirements are strengthened to prevent children running up bills buying applications and for there to be more explanation of the cost of virtual credit.

The company said in a statement: "Phonepayplus is working closely with many industry providers to understand developments in the apps market - both the opportunities and the threats. Our aim with this proposed Guidance is to intervene early to ensure that those downside risks do not have a detrimental impact on consumers, children or, indeed, the many legitimate provides of innovative new digital sources."