Most gym enthusiasts generally use wearables to track how many calories they burnt. However, the same does not work for swimmers. Even wearables that are IP68 rated such as smartwatches cannot readily display the stats, while you are swimming. Not just that, the operation becomes difficult in the pool.

But, there is a new device bereft of these troubles and focused on swimmers. Form has created swim goggles, which will display a swimmer's heart rate, while he/she is completing a lap of the pool. It will display the heart rate inside the goggle's glasses using Augmented Reality.

Swimmers will now be able to see the heart rate in their line of sight in a tiny see-through display within one of the glasses of the goggles. The goggles feature sensors located on that part which rests on the swimmer's temples. Real-time data will be transmitted through these sensors and be available in the swimmer's line of sight. The company says that the data will be transmitted wirelessly from the Goggles to the Form Swim app, which means that the goggles will be Wi-Fi connected.

While users will only be able to see heart rate data on the googles, a wide range of data will be available in the app. It will include data such as split times, stroke rates, pace and calories burnt from completed swims.

The fact that only heart rate is displayed, is also not without a reason. Heart rate is even more important for swimmers than other athletes. Breath control while doing splits will determine speed and efficiency, and also let the swimmer improve. The fact that swimmers will be able to do this mid-swim without pausing or leaving the pool is what makes this product unique.

The goggles seem to have received good reviews on the company's website.

The company plans to improve the goggles overtime. "By adding it to the arsenal of metrics that our goggles already deliver, we'll empower serious swimmers to make their training even smarter and more purposeful," said Form's CEO Dan Eisenhardt, speaking to Engadget.

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