Syrian president Bashar al-Assad addressed a crowd of pro-regime supporters in the capital Damascus.

A day after making a rare public address in which he blamed much of the Syrian bloodshed on foreign conspiracy, Assad told his supporters the regime will be victorious.

Talking in front of more than 1000 people, the leader, surrounded by his bodyguards, said: "These are the final phases of the conspiracy and we will make sure that we will stand up victorious."

Thanking the crowd for their continued support he added "I wish to shake hands with every Syrian citizen nationwide."

Meanwhile some of his supporters were heard shouting "Shabiha forever, for your eyes Assad", a reference to a pro-Assad militia accused of targeting anti-regime protesters.

Assad's appearance came as a monitor working as part of the Arab League observer teams sent in Syria to end violence has announced he quit, describing the mission a "a farce."

Anwar Malek told Al-Jazeera TV he decided to resign after witnessing a series of crimes.

He also said the Assad regime had "fabricated" most of what the monitors have been allowed to see in an attempt to prevent the Arab League from taking further actions against it.

Despite the presence of the Arab states organisation in Syria, the UN Security Council said an estimated 400 people have died since late December.

The UN also says that more than 5000 people have been killed by the regime's forces since the beginning of the uprising, 10 months ago.

The Syrian government in contrast insists 2000 military personnel have been killed by "terrorists and armed groups."