Cover of the August 1927 issue of 'Amazing Stories' magazine illustrates a ground war between humans and giant robots with long, tentacle-like arms, 1927. Getty Images

Intelligent militarized robots could soon be fighting wars for countries and trigger a modern day arms race, according to a report released by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) on Monday.

The interconnected robots will have, "more range and the ability to conduct 'suicidal missions' without risk to living humans," according to a report titled Robotics on the Battlefield Part II: The Coming Swarm.

"Swarms of robotic systems can bring greater mass, coordination, intelligence, and speed to the battlefield, enhancing the ability of war fighters to gain a decisive advantage over their adversaries," states the report, according to Free Beacon News.

The report predicts that 'swarming' will be the latest concept in battlefields and global militaries will be racing to perfect teams of militarized robots that can act together in wars.

United States Vulnerable to Enemies

While the United States is already using unmanned technologies, like drones and remotely controlled devices, US defense cuts will leave the country vulnerable to enemies.

"The number of combat ships and aircraft in the US inventory has steadily declined, even during periods of significant growth in defense spending... forcing a crisis not only in military modernization and readiness, but also in the ability to field sufficient quantities to be relevant in future fights," said the report.

The CNAS report further states that the Pentagon has begin studying, "swarming platforms" and funding is being allocated for "a multi-year series of experiments" to try out new technologies.