Marvel Studios are planning to introduce the X-Men squad into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, announced these plans last month in a Comic-Con panel. Fans were shattered after "Endgame," as they saw some of their most-loved superheroes die.

Close sources of We Got This Covered revealed that a movie on "Avengers vs. X-Men" is definitely in the cards. The movie is expected to take its inspiration from the "House of M" storyline, and Wanda is expected to play a greater role in that movie.

Feige wants his new bunch of Avengers- Black Panther, Spider-Man, Blade and Thor to be strong enough to fight the mutants of X-Men. Since the new superhero group is still at its early stage of development, it will take some time before the two could clash against each other.

The project still has a long way to go and the script needs to take shape along with the complete set of characters. On the upside, at least we know that the project is already in the works and we have something to look forward to in the near future.

Both Marvel and the X-Men have been major blockbuster hits and the crossover has to have a big impact to match the scale of their previous films.

Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart as Professor X in X-Men movies X-Men/20th Century Fox

Avengers is just entering its fourth phase with the upcoming film and this merger is expected to be in phase six of the franchise, which is way in the future. Marvel Studios has been very secretive about their projects and not many details have been revealed.

Fans have to buckle up and decide on which side they will be on, as the crossover will create a historic battle between the two most powerful superhero groups that we have worshipped since our childhood. Although, we will be missing Black Widow, Captain America and Iron Man, fans are no less hopeful about the new generation of Avengers.