Branding isn't just for big-name companies and corporations, establishing your personal brand is an essential element of marketing yourself both online and beyond. Self-promotion and the efficient marketing of your skills are the crucial elements that help to create your personal brand. To find out about the true power of personal branding we turned to notable serial entrepreneurs Bailey Knight and Justin Kimbrough.

Bailey Knight and Justin Kimbrough
Bailey Knight and Justin Kimbrough Bailey Knight and Justin Kimbrough

Bailey Knight's entrepreneurial success has come from his dropshipping expertise, he intuitively leaned into the huge surge in online shopping that 2020 brought and built a highly profitable dropshipping empire. At a time when many businesses and entrepreneurs were struggling to stay afloat, Bailey Knight used his instincts and intuition to thrive and find his fortune. Equally enterprising and similarly inspired by the environment around him Justin Kimbrough created his clean energy project 'Save Our Earth', as a response to the world's ongoing environmental issues. A passionate environmentalist as well as an entrepreneur, instead of focusing solely on making money Justin Kimbrough dedicated himself to also making the earth a more sustainable place.

Both Bailey Knight and Justin Kimbrough agree that the successes that they have achieved and the powerful industry connections that they have made were possible due to the strength of their respective personal brands. "In the internet age, you need to be able to share your ethos, strengths, and skills efficiently and easily, with a consistent personal brand that clearly represents you, you can do this." Bailey Knight says. Justin Kimbrough adds, "Social media is the canvas that you can use to share your personal brand, stay consistent across each platform and you will build up a clear image of what you stand for and what you can do."

Bailey Knight and Justin Kimbrough believe that your personal brand is a priceless asset that every modern entrepreneur should be using to dominate the digital world and beyond.