Battlefield 3 is one of the most awaited FPS games of the year
Battlefield 3 screenshot.

In the wake of the highly anticipated Battlefield 3, which is released Oct. 25, we find out what our trusted sources thought of the open beta.

We found that the striking graphics were simply stunning; there are no complaints from us with the high resolution brilliance of the game.

PC graphics have been highly criticised over the years - not being able to compete with superior console technology - but a driver update from ATi has seriously raised the benchmark for PC gaming.

The open beta did its job, in that users found a lot of bugs. However, bugs from the closed beta, including spawning on dead squad mates, the killcam glitch, and client crashing are all fixed.

However, not all players were as enthusiastic about the game, as we found out.

"After all the hype of Battlefield 3 I expected something amazing when I played the online beta. Unfortunately this was not the case. As the game uses the new frostbite2 engine the graphics should have been better, but I found it very difficult trying to spot the enemy team," said Anthony Miller, 29, who works as a prepress manager.

He continued: "The game is very difficult to know what's going on as the menus aren't very clear. And it seems people have already found ways to cheat as I got shot a few times by a guy running around under the map. Due to this game being released in a couple of weeks I doubt Dice will have time to make any changes yet, maybe in future patches. All I know is I won't be buying this game."