George Entwistle, faced an intense grilling today at the Culture and Media committee today over: allegations of sexual abuse committed by former presenter Jimmy Savile while at the BBC, and accusations, it axed its own investigation on Newsnight as part of a cover up to protect one of its biggest stars.

The Head of the Committee John Whittingdale questioned the BBC's reputation. To which Mr Entwistle acknowledged, that its reputation was compromised.

A committee member then asked about allegations of a paedophile ring at the BBC, to which Entwistle replied that is a matter for the Police to investigate

The committee finished by asking Mr Entwistle why the Newsnight programme featuring allegations and evidence exposing of Savile's sexual abuse was pulled. Entwistle acknowledged, that it was a grave mistake for Newsnight not to have pursued the Savile allegations and said it should have been allowed to continue."

Written and presented by Ann Salter