A picture of the car that exploded in Benghazi (Mohammed Muttardi)

A car bomb has exploded in a crowded parking lot outside Jala hospital in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

A security official told AFP that there were several dead and wounded.

Last week, a bomb exploded outside a police station in the Libyan eastern city.

First reports by security official Abdel-Salam al-Barghathi said that nine people, including three children were killed in the explosion and 13 were injured.

A grey Toyota Previa was used in the attack.

Former Revolutionary Commander Rami El Obeidi confirmed the blast:

Last year, the American diplomatic mission at Benghazi was attacked by a heavily armed group. Four people were killed, including US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

The then-Seceretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was absolved from wrongdoing in the much-criticised response to the attacks. Republicans have questioned why the the US military did not move faster to stop the two attacks that occurred over several hours in September.