Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles Reuters

It was hard to believe the woman captured in a Daily Mail report was the normally stylish Beyonce Knowles!

The pop star was out shopping with her daughter, Blue Ivy, and the style icon seemed happy to take a break from the demands of a "body perfect" industry and trendy outfits. The new mother was seen in a "staggering heel, the tiny bottom-skimming sequinned mini and in boyfriend style printed chinos".

She clearly got it all wrong!

It doesn't get better. The season's fashions include "black and white cartoon characters"... something the normally stylish Beyonce still could not carry off. In fact, she appeared rather more masculine than she might want to be.

Meanwhile, the mother-daughter duo were reportedly out shopping for furniture and, according to estimates, Blue Ivy's parents have spent more than £240,000 decorating their child's bedroom!

"Together they've bought a Swarovski-studded high chair by Carla Monchen for £10,000, and a Fantasy 'posh tots' coach carriage crib for £30,000.Jay-Z bought Beyonce a solid gold handmade Ginza Tanaka rocking horse for £400,000.They've even splashed out on a £20,000 magical windmill playhouse for the garden and a mini Bugatti car, too," a source told Star magazine.

When will the couple publish photos of the Blue Ivy's bedroom?