The UK's largest local authority is to slash a further 1,000 jobs as the "Jaws of Doom" widen.

Birmingham City Council, which has already axed a third of its workforce since 2010/11, said it is making the move as part of a cost cutting programme, which will see £120m ($196m, €143m) reduced this year.

The Labour run authority also estimated that it will need to have found £840m in the six years from 2010/11 to 2017/18 as a result of "spending pressures and grant cuts".

"This time last year I talked to you about 'the end of local government as I've known it'; and this year I am still talking about 'the end of local government as I've known it', but just to be clear I am not talking about the end of local government," said Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham City Council.

He added: "This time last year I spoke to you about the Jaws of Doom and the council having to find £615m from its annual budget by 2017. I am still talking about the Jaws of Doom and they have widened significantly."

The council said it has managed to avoid closing any service in its entirety for next year 2014/15, but there are reductions in some services and "some facilities will go".

In addition, the authority has proposed investing £36m capital in building six new swimming pools and leisure centres, though it involves the closure of older, run-down buildings.

The council has also found nearly £10m in additional funding for children's safeguarding.

Bore blamed the government on the cuts and warned that if Whitehall continues to "squeeze" the local authority it will have to stop delivering some local services from 2015/16.

"In effect, politicians in Westminster are systematically dismantling services that maintain the very fabric of culture and community in our city," he said.