RIM said it had resolved its Blackberry outage late Monday, but Tuesday morning, millions of subscribers woke up to find service still disrupted. With problems like RIM's not happening with Apple's iPhone or Google's Android devices, it seems as if the Blackberry's popularity continues to plummet to the point where it will become close to completely stifled by its competition. Reuters

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion called a press conference late Wednesday night and said its service was restored, but promised no compensation for users.

They also forgot to express regret until later in the evening when UK managing director Stephen Bates said BlackBerry were working non-stop to restore Internet services.

Bates said: "We understand the frustrations our customers are experiencing through the delays with the messaging and browsing.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise unreservedly to all those people affected by this situation.

"We're taking this situation extremely seriously and we're doing everything we can to restore normal operation of our service."

Twitter has been alive with comments from BlackBerry users, most of which have been extremely unhappy at the lack of reliability and answers from RIM.

One reads: "so iMessenger has launched.... BBM has stopped working... All hail #SteveJobs" another, posted seconds after the first says: "Still no BBM, no emails, nothing! If iOS5 comes out with iMessenger...RIM is dead to me! >:O."

RIM should be trembling after some big names on Twitter were tweeting about how poor the service is and how poorly BlackBerry has handled the situation.

Alastair Campbell wrote on the social media platform: "Day 3 of BlackBerry black-out. Some free advice. Explain while you fix. Apologise when you have. Recompense after. Handling so far woeful."

Alan Sugar joined in, tweeting: "In all my years in IT biz, I have never seen such an outage as experienced by BlackBerry. I can't understand why it's taking so long to fix."