TheThe Blacklist Season 2 Premiere: Where to Watch Online Red's Search for Berlin
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The Blacklist Season 2 returns with its penultimate episode on Monday and will focus on Liz who has held her former husband Tom as a prisoner in a remote cell.

In the previous episode, Red dealt with a shocking case of human traffickers who tried to kill Ressler.

Episode 7 of the NBC thriller is titled 'The Scimitar' as a dangerous assassin has been sent to kill an American scientist to avenge the murder of an Iranian nuclear scientist.

This will bring Raymond 'Red' Reddington in the picture who will inform Keen and Navabi about the assassin who is on the loose.

The episode will also see the reunion of the two arch-rivals, Reddington and Berlin. Apparently, after extracting information about Berlin, Liz may kill Tom who is of no use to her anymore.

The official synopsis for episode 7 via TV Equals reads:

"When an Iranian nuclear scientist is suspiciously assassinated, a revenge ploy begins against a valued American. Red (James Spader) informs agents Keen (Megan Boone) and Navabi (Mozhan Marno) that a dangerously conniving hitman "The Scimitar" (guest star Waleed F. Zuaiter) has been sent to the job.

Liz and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) find themselves in a tricky predicament as they investigate a surveillance lead. Agent Keen attempts to gather information on Berlin (Peter Stormare), while Red finds company with a woman working at a food truck."

The Blacklist Season 2 returns on 3 November with Episode 7 'The Scimitar' on NBC.

In case you miss the episode at the given time, you can watch it on the official NBC website by clicking here.