BMW becomes first automaker to offer customers integrated IFTTT services
The BMW i Vision Future Interaction concept car displayed at CES 2016 in Las Vegas Reuters

BMW has become the first car manufacturer to collaborate with IFTTT (If This Then That), a free online service that connects apps, services and smart devices to each other. The German automaker intends to provide its customers integrated services which allow users to customise their cars.

BMW Labs opened its doors to its customers on 19 January, thereby allowing them to test out new features that are still in the developmental stages, via its BMW Connected Drive services. Drivers can now connect with IFTTT to customise their rides using "recipes" from the online forum. The service is currently only available in English and has been beta tested in the US, Germany, France, Spain and Australia, the Next Web reported.

IFTTT integrated services are free to BMW drivers. They allow drivers to connect apps and smart devices by creating "recipes" that are made up of "triggers", which in turn, help complete particular "actions". The online platform connects over 260 services, including Facebook, Twitter, Google and email. It also connects smart devices such as Phillips Hue, Nest and Netatmo to drivers.

Through its integrated services, BMW offers its drivers the ability to upgrade their autopilot experience by allowing them to perform operations such as opening their garage door automatically when their car pulls into the driveway, or sending alerts or messages to people automatically when driving. The feature also allows drivers to store their exact location onto a Google Maps link, so as to make finding parked cars easier. Drivers can also connect smart devices like their Phillips Hue and configure settings to turn on their lights at home while parking their cars in the garage. BMW offers all this and more with its newest collaborative venture.

BMW owners can start experimenting with the IFTTT integrated services, provided their cars have the company's in-dash control display system, navigation and Connected Drive Service. Drivers are required to register online and create an account, which will allow them access to the IFTTT site and BMW Lab channels, so they can go about creating their own "recipes" to customise their cars.