The body of Mika Yamamoto, an award winning Japanese journalist, killed in Aleppo Syria, while attached to the Free Syrian Army has been transferred from a forensic institute in Turkey, where it will be taken to Istanbul before being flown to Japan for burial.

This piece of footage released by Japan Press and believed to be her last shot, shows people standing on the street, and then chillingly, four gun shots can be heard.

Her colleague Kazutaka Sato, who disclosed to Reuters that Yamamoto was his wife, speaking in a hotel room in Kalis, Turkey, after crossing the border. Said a group of Syrian soldiers, who started shooting in their direction, may have been able to see she was a woman.

When he was asked off camera about his thoughts on the Syrian Army, he concluded by saying, they were there to tell the truth about Syria.

As a veteran war reporter Mika Yamamoto had covered several armed conflicts, including those in Afghanistan and Iraq. She is he fourth foreign journalist to have died in Syria since March 2011.

Written and Presented by Ann salter