As the new season of Britain's Got Talent prepares to return to our screens, it seems that Boris Johnson is keen to get his 15 minutes of fame.

The zany London mayor showed off his singing skills when he broke into an impromptu rendition of Bob Marley's Three Little Birds at London Bridge station.

Speaking to assembled press at the launch of the Gigs 2013 busking competition, the 48-year-old politician revealed that the reggae classic was one of his favourite songs.

When a reporter asked Johnson what piece of music he would like played at his funeral, he said: "Is that an event you're looking forward to?"

He then pondered the question and eventually said: "Maybe Three Little Birds. Three Little Birds! Yup!"

Driving his point home he serenaded the journalist with a few lines from Bob Marley's 1980 hit single.

"Smiled with the risin' sun/ Three little birds on my doorstep, singing' sweet songs/ A melody pure and true, singing/ This is my message for yoo-hoo-hoo/ Don't you worry/ 'Bout a thing/ Because every little thing/ Gonna be alright," he sang.

The 30-second clip has received the seal of approval from the online community.

"More gusto, spirit, connection to regular Joe, drive, ability, charm, charisma and likability than the rest of the MPs put together," one viewer said. "Boris Johnson Prime Minister - nice ring to it..."

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