Former UK PM Boris Johnson's company has received £1 million in donations from Thailand-based British businessman Christopher Harborne.

Johnson set up the company after leaving Downing Street last year. With the latest donations, he has become the most donated to MP, followed by Sir Keir Starmer and Liz Truss.

Harborne has previously donated to the Conservatives, the Brexit Party, and Reform UK. He has also donated millions of pounds to Nigel Farage's Brexit party.

The newly released register of MPs' interests further revealed that Johnson received £300,000 for two speeches made in December. The register of MPs' interests keeps a record of any donations, wages, or gifts received by MPs.

This was in addition to the £1 million he has already managed to earn for giving speeches since leaving No. 10 in September. He earned over a quarter of a million pounds for a nine-hour event in Singapore and £50,000 for a seven-hour speaking engagement in London.

Johnson also lived rent-free in the home of JCB chairman and Conservative donor Lord Bamford after he left Downing Street. The Bamford family are strong Brexit backers. They even made donations to cover the former prime minister's wedding costs.

The massive donations have the experts speculating that Johnson might be planning his political comeback after last year's unceremonious exit.

The Uxbridge and South Ruislip MP had to resign after losing the support of dozens of his ministers over the "Partygate" controversy.

Several photos emerged of him drinking at a Downing Street party during the lockdown in 2020. He came under fire for breaking Covid-19 protocol and was forced to quit eventually.

However, a BBC report stated that he is not planning a comeback and that the money is meant for his work as a former prime minister. "It's not about a comeback plan or anything like that," wrote the publication, citing a source.

Boris Johnson was paid more than $325,000 for one speech in the US
Former UK PM Boris Johnson. Image/AFP News AFP News