Boston Most Expensive Tourists Destination For Summer Holidays
Collegiate sailors practice on the Charles River in front of the Boston skyline in Cambridge, Massachusetts March 20, 2012, on the first day of spring. Holidaying in summer in Boston will be most expensive this year. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

The North American city of Boston is the most expensive tourist destination in that country, in terms of accommodation, according to a recent report. The study looks into the average amount of money visitors need to spend, to book the cheapest available room on a twin-sharing basis, during the month of May, at the top 30 destinations in the US.

The finding of the Budget Hotel Report, released by, suggests tourists will have to pay at least $194 for a night.

The capital city of the state of Massachusetts capital city is believed to be costlier than New York City, where, the report estimates, it is possible to get a room for $172. The third most expensive city in the US, in terms of lodging, is Philadelphia, with an average daily rate of $154 for the cheapest available room, followed by Washington DC ($145) and New Orleans ($117).

Meanwhile, if you're planning on visiting Disney Land in Florida, you could save on hotel costs - Orlando ranks at the bottom of the report's list - staying overnight in a double room in Orlando will cost visitors $33, according to the report. Also, some travellers' favourite destination - Las Vegas - is also surprisingly cheap, with rooms costing no more than $36.

Check out the full list of the most and least expensive destinations in the US, ranked according to the cost of accommodations available in May, so you plan your summer holidays wisely.

Most Expensive

1. Boston ($194)
2. New York ($172)
3. Philadelphia ($154)
4. Washington, D.C. ($145)
5. New Orleans ($117)
6. Chicago ($116)
7. Houston ($108)
8. St. Louis ($104)
9. Baltimore ($103)
10. Tampa ($102)
11. San Francisco ($91)
12. Seattle ($88)
13. Atlantic City ($87)
14. Honolulu ($83)
15. San Diego ($82)

Least Expensive

16. Austin ($81)
17. Nashville ($80)
18. Dallas ($79)
19.Fort Lauderdale ($72)
20. Miami ($71)
21. Denver ($68)
22. Portland ($66)
23. Los Angeles ($63)
24. San Antonio ($61)
25. Salt Lake City ($59)
26. Atlanta ($52)
27. Myrtle Beach ($51)
28. Anaheim ($45)
29. Las Vegas ($36)
30. Orlando ($33)