A two-month-old giraffe calf called Congo, born in San Diego Zoo Safari Park, has finally been able to rejoin his herd. However he will still be bottle-fed by zoo keepers three times a day from the back of a truck.

The zoo keepers use a blanket to mimic his mother's belly underneath which the calf would normally feed. The baby giraffe drinks up to 2.6l of milk, three times a day, and finishes his bottles in just five minutes.

Congo's mother died earlier this month and he is one of three calves born in the zoo this summer. Eileen Naff, senior keeper at San Diego Zoo Safari Park, said the keepers are glad Congo can now stay outside with all his friends: "I hope Congo integrates into the herd easily, which we've had an excellent example of, and that he grows up healthy and normal, and some day is able to father his own giraffe."

Born on June 22 of this year, Congo is part of the zoo's efforts to conserve giraffes in East Africa.