Bottles of champagne
Bottles of Champagne in a wine shop in Paris. Reuters/SARAH MEYSSONNIER

Two men from the United Kingdom were arrested after reportedly attempting to flee a Spanish club where they had racked up nearly $2,000 worth of champagne bills.

According to police sources cited by Spanish media, the two men, aged 49 and 52, exclaimed "We're millionaires," before offering to invite other partygoers, including a number of attractive ladies, to glasses of champagne, while assuring staff that they would be paying for it.

The drinks that had been consumed but not paid for consisted of a variety of alcohol and around 90 glasses of champagne.

They allegedly attempted to leave a famous nightclub, named as "Commo" in Madrid's Sol area at 3 a.m. on Wednesday night without paying a €2,200 (£1,930) drink tab they owed.

It is believed that bar personnel had allowed them to rack up the heavy bill as they had already settled a previous bill of €1,000 (£880).

The men allegedly refused to give any more money and "began to show a violent attitude," at which point the men were reported to the police. Following this, they were taken into custody on suspicion of committing fraud. The duo were turned over to the courts to decide what further action should be taken.

The local media claimed that the British individuals may have been Liverpool fans who had travelled to the Spanish capital for their team's Champions League game with Real Madrid. Liverpool lost the game 1-0 after failing to overturn a 5-2 home defeat from the first leg played three weeks ago in Anfield. However, it has not been confirmed if the two men were fans of the team.

A spokesman for the National Police in Madrid said the two men were especially keen to offer drinks to women in the bar.

"They were telling bar staff not to worry because they were millionaires and insisting they would come back later to pay the bill.

"The men even allegedly started to become a bit violent in their attitude towards the bar staff when they were told they couldn't leave without paying." they stated.

As of now, it remained unclear whether the men had been in court or if the unpaid beverages bill had been paid.

In a similar incident that took place recently, an Indian-origin woman was convicted in the U.K. for allegedly making £500,000 by claiming refunds on items she shoplifted for several years.

The 53-year-old woman, identified as Narinder Kaur, was dubbed as a "prolific serial shoplifter" by the Crown Prosecution Service.

She had committed more than a thousand shopping frauds between July 2015 and February 2019 while travelling throughout the UK. The cops were able to retrieve around £150,000 in cash in addition to several stolen goods during two police searches at her residence.

The 53-year-old also attempted to steal £7,400 from Wiltshire Council by using stolen credit cards to pay more than she owed, then contacting the local government to request a refund while claiming she had made an error in the payment by adding too many zeros.

Kaur, also known by the name Nina Tiara, had even changed her name legally to get new bank accounts and credit cards and avoid detection. She was found guilty of 26 charges including fraud, possession, and transfer of criminal assets, as well as obstruction of justice, following a four-month trial.