Call of Duty Developer Leaks Xbox 720, PS4 Info
Image Credit: IBTimes UK

Infinity Ward has added to the convoy of Xbox 720 and PS4 rumours circling the cyber highways, posting a job advert for a new project working on "next-generation" hardware.

The advert in question was for a senior animator position at Infinity Ward's Encino, California studio. The inclusion of working on "next-generation" hardware - despite the lack of official information - in-turn led eager consumers to once again speculate that the company was working on an Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4 launch title - some of the more optimistic fans even going so far as to claim the title was the next Call of Duty.

"Infinity Ward, developer of numerous award winning games, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, is seeking a Senior Animator, preferably with experience in game development and an interest in working with next-generation technologies," read the job posting.

The new job post adds to the mountain sized pile of rumours regarding Sony and Microsoft's next games consoles. Prior to Infinity Ward's recent post, following a "leak" on LinkedIn questions regarding which console Cytek's forthcoming Roman brawler "Ryse" will be released on had emerged.

As reported by GameSpot UK, Ryse was originally believed to be an Xbox 360 Kinect title. Yet, after the gaming site spotted the rogue LinkedIn resume of a former Crytek level designer, the brawler's end location has come into question, with many speculating it may be intended for Microsoft's fabled next-generation Xbox 720 games console.

The resume in question reportedly suggested that the designer had spent the first half of 2011 "working as a senior level designer at Crytek in Budapest, Hungary, on a project listed as 'Ryse (X-Box Next Gen).'"

Unfortunately for those eager to see the next-generation tech, Microsoft and Sony remain tight-lipped about their next-generation plans. The only time the two have even deined to refer to the, currently fictional, devices is to promise that they would be sticking to their current consoles' original life cycles - meaning at the earliest consumers can hope to see them sometime in 2014.