A woman takes a glass of vodka during a presentation in Minsk Reuters/Vasily Fedosenkoi

A batch of vodka that wasn't diluted properly was sold at Canadian liquor stores in Ontario reading 40% on the bottle when it was actually 81% alcohol inside.

The batch is "not safe for consumption" and "consuming a product with an alcohol content of 80% could cause serious illness", said the Liquor Control Board of Ontario in a release. The alcohol authority identified the Toronto-based Georgian Bay Gin Company brand for the faulty batch.

The provincial liquor licenser fended off criticism on Twitter that they aren't fun at parties. "We are fun at parties, but consuming alcohol over 80% is dangerous and can cause health problems!" they said in a tweet.

This recall began after it was discovered that 654 bottles of batch #19 that were shipped out by the company hadn't been diluted properly to the 40% level stated on their label.

The bottles have been removed from store shelves, but the warning has been sent out because some people have bought the dangerous product. If they bring them back to stores they will given a full refund.