Yvan Shades
Yvan Shades

Have you ever been captivated by the pair of sunglasses that the iconic Sir Michael Caine donned in the Harry Palmer trilogy? We're thrilled to unveil the Yvan Dark Tortoiseshell, a masterful piece of eyewear that not only exudes style but also an ageless aesthetic that has redefined the notion of timeless elegance. Boosted by qualities of durability and comfort, the Yvan has been design to last..

For those who appreciate the rich history of fashion, the Yvan Dark Tortoiseshell holds a special place. It was first showcased in Sir Michael Caine's 1965 British Spy thriller, 'The Ipcress File' and later in the 1969 action/crime film 'The Italian Job.' Whether paired with a tailored suit by Douglas Hayward or worn on a daring counter-espionage mission, The Yvan frame, has become emblematic of Caine's cinematic heritage and elevated style, leading to a staggering £6,600 tag in an auction–a testament to their timeless appeal.

But enough about that. Let's focus on how the Yvan Dark Tortoiseshell sunglasses also boast sustainable credentials. First, the sunglasses are made from 100% sustainable high-grade cellulose from world-renowned Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli, ensuring that the sunglasses' frames are high-quality and durable enough to withstand wear and tear from repeated usage.

In contrast, most sunglass frames are made from either low-grade recycled plastic that breaks easily over repeated use or metal frames that get degraded or rusted when exposed to the elements over time. With the use of high-grade cellulose, you can be assured that it is highly durable, and resistant to temperature changes whilst being comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, as well as having hypoallergenic properties.

Moreover, the sunglasses feature five-barrel hinges and genuine pin fastenings for maximum strength and durability. They are fitted with high-grade brown lenses that offer optimal UV protection. Aside from their durable build, the glasses are the perfect combination for eye protection on a Summer's day.

The Yvan Dark Tortoiseshell sunglasses embody the Curry & Paxton brand ethos, where style is a marriage of craftsmanship, evolution and self-expression. This collection is a testament to that, capable of enhancing your facial expressions, whether you're going for a suave or a dainty summer look. Curry & Paxton's evolution is evident in the brand's fearless pursuit of innovation: continuously creating frames that resonate with past, present and future generations.

Still contemplating if the glasses are for you? Why not try on the Yvan from the comfort of your own home with the brand's built-in virtual try-on service available on the Curry & Paxton website? Upon ordering, you can also choose to include optical and sunglass prescription services, and each order is guaranteed to have a Scratch-resistant feature as standard. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours, including Piano Black, Caramel, Brown Gradient, and Black Gradient, amongst others.

Aside from the Yvan Dark Tortoiseshell, Curry & Paxton offers other sunglasses collections that may suit your style. Explore their full collections on their official website here.