Fans of the world's greatest comedian, Charlie Chaplin, will be marking his 123<sup>rd birth anniversary on 16 April, 2012.

Chaplin was the master of the "silent era", when he made mime, slapstick and visual comedies. His career spanned over 75 years in which he worked as a comedian actor, composer and film director. His most famous movie was "The Tramp." The great comedian died at the age of 88.

The American Film Institute ranked Charlie Chaplin as the 10th greatest male screen legend of all times in 1999. The most reputed of all honours, Chaplin was awarded a "knighthood" in 1975 by Queen Elizabeth II. He was made "Knight Commander of the British Empire". Chaplin also received three Academy awards during his lifetime.

On the occasion of his 123<sup>rd birthday, we take a look at five of the most famous movies of the legend:

1. "Gold Rush" - The film was released in 1925 and widely appreciated by both critics and fans. The film was spoken of as having a wonderful combination of comedy, poetry, pathos, tenderness and abruptness. The original release did not have sound; the film was re-released in 1942, however, with sound.

2. "The Kid" - This was Charlie Chaplin's first full-length film and, acccording to Zee News, was noted for being the first feature-length film with a reportedly splendid combination of comedy and drama. Hailed as his brainchild, Chaplin left no stone unturned in making this film. The film is currently preserved at the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in the US.

3. "The Great Dictator" - The film was Charlie Chaplin's most successful commercial film. The film was based loosely around the character of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi philosophy. It starred Chaplin in a double-role, one of which was Hitler. The film was released in 1940.

4. "The Circus" - The film was released in 1928. It is the seventh highest grosser in silent cinema. Some opine that the film is a metaphor of Charlie Chaplin's own life.

5. "A King in New York" - The film was shot both in New York and Europe. It was the last movie in which he played a leading role. Released in 1957, the movie is an amalgamation of both satire and comedy.