The first ancient Britons had dark skin and blue eyes, according to new DNA test results.

Researchers made the findings by analysing the DNA of a Briton who died 10,000 years ago, known as 'Cheddar Man'.

Professor Chris Stringer, Research Leader in Human Origins at the Natural History Museum who 30 years ago first excavated the cave where Cheddar Man was found, called the recreation "remarkable".

Having seen the huge response of their findings, director of the Channel 4 documentary who uncovered the news said: "The scale of today's reaction has been overwhelming. It's clearly touched a chord, and has got a lot of people talking about who we really are. It's rather inspiring. When you make these kinds of films, it really doesn't get better than this."

In addition, experts in the show revealed that 'Cheddar Man' is related to one in 10 people alive in the UK today.

But it seems that not everyone was impressed with the findings that the first Briton would be considered black by today's standards. In fact, a vocal minority of people took to Twitter to express their anger at the revelation.

One user wrote: "Why do I think this is made up to push a certain agenda, I'm not a DNA expert but from having watched documentaries it's often not possible to extract DNA from such an old skeleton."

Another said: "B******t political agenda, if you believe this, you'll believe anything."

Another person on Twitter commented: "Hello, What a load of bloody b*****s. Next 'they' will be telling us that Jesus was also 'not white'. Bloody vegans, feminists and gender neutralists at it again! trying to appease the ethnic minority!"

Another added: "Yeah its attempt to undermine our identity [sic]. He doesn't look African, if that's what they are implying - its a European skull shape. If they would release the DNA data people would be able to make their own conclusions on his skin tone, I've obviously over done it."

One person reacted incredulously: "It's okay, we don't believe the rubbish scientists' sprout".

Another added: "What a load of sh*t. Serves a purpose though under current scheme of mass immigration. Typical mainstream media lies."

Not everyone was angered however, and it seems like a big proportion of the internet were pretty excited about the news.

One person said: "Going to be a fun day on racist Twitter, oh my."

Another added: "It's just perfect that #CheddarMan has turned up smirking at the start of #BlackHistoryMonth".

One person even pointed out that seeing 'Cheddar Man' as black is wrong as race is a modern day concept.

Either way it seems the news has truly divided the nation.