Cheryl Cole's new album has been all over the news even as it takes its baby steps. Cole's U.S. management has started talks with Scooter Braun (the man who created Justin Bieber). There is a collaboration on the cards between Bieber and Cole.

This is her third solo album and is set for a 2012 release.

While Cole's manager,, and Bieber's mentor, Usher, have already worked together, the collaboration of their proteges has creating even more buzz.

A source close to Cole said: "Cheryl is beyond excited about her new album and Bieber's team are deep in talks with hers to make a hit.

"They already see Cheryl and as part of the family.

"Will's got a vision for her album, and now the biggest and the best names are keen to be part of it.

"Usher and Will got together to make O.M.G. Just think what they could each do with their proteges."

"Justin would be elated to work with Cheryl," said a source. Apparently Bieber is incredibly fond of Cole after meeting her on the British X Factor. Cole too is equally reciprocal about her affections. She expressed her fondness for Bieber in a recent tweet "Ive just watched @justinbieber Never Say Never. It just confirmed everything I always thought. This kid was born a star."

Looks like Selena Gomez and Cheryl's "Soldier" might have reasons to worry now. With a Hollywood movie alongside Cameron Diaz already on the cards, this collaboration with Bieber will be Cheryl's icing on the cake.