Chinese students have made a race car using 3D printing technology for a national race next month.

The undergrads at Changsha University in Hunan Province have been constructing the car for the China student formula race in October. Both the air intake system and the steering wheel were made using 3D technology, which is 80 per cent lighter than when made traditionally.

He Jing, the team's deputy captain, said the technology could soon be used with ordinary cars.
"The 3D printing technology is hopefully be applied to the steering wheel of the ordinary passenger cars. You can print your names or any patterns you like on the wheel. It's going to be very user-friendly."

3D printing enables the creation and manufacture of three-dimensional objects of almost any shape without machining, moulding or assembly. Revenue from 3-D printing in China last year reached 1 billion yuan, just over £100m.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner