A woman in China has been mysteriously growing her belly over the past two years. Huang Guoxian,from rural Guizhou Province has made desperate attempts to seek help as her abdomen now weighs 44 pounds and is still expanding.

According to reports, the 36-year-old mother of two is pinning hopes on local media to help her raise £3,290 for medical diagnosis and treatment of her condition. The massive growth of her belly has made it impossible for the woman to sleep and be mobile enough to care for her two children.

The Guizhou Urban Daily which has covered Huang's story says, the 121-pound woman had a flat belly two years ago. For unknown reasons it had swelled to its current size and initially caused Huang some pain. She had then sought medical advice and was prescribed medication which made the pain subside. However, her belly still kept increasing in size.

Huang had apparently gone to several hospitals in the city of Anshun as well as the provincial capital of Guiyang. Her doctors have diagnosed her to have been suffering from several illnesses such as liver cirrhosis, ovarian cancer and an abnormal buildup of fluid in her chest and abdomen.

Unfortunately, they were not able to pin down the exact reason for the extensive growth of her abdomen. Huang disclosed that one doctor attempted to drain the excess fluid from her belly but after the procedure, it started to grow again.

The possibility of benign tumour growth has been speculated but the local hospital informed her that its specialists are willing to help her at the cost of 30,000 CNY (£3,290) for the operation.
The wife and mother of two young children claims she has not been able to sleep properly since her belly started growing. She would sleep sitting on the bed and leaning against pillows or cushions. She is also unable to stand for long, nor is she able to walk far.

Huang's husband lives and works in a big city to financially support their family. But with her current condition, her eldest child, 10 , is left to do most of the housework. Huang says her children's grandparents have also been helping to look after them.

The local government of the province of Guizhou along with good Samaritans have been donating to help the impoverished family and are in the works of raising money to cover Huang's medical bills

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