Google Chromecast 2 Spotted with Faster Wi-Fi
Google could be working on an update to its popular streaming dongle, with the Chromecast 2 expected to get support for 5GHz Wi-Fi.

When it comes to TV, Google has tried on numerous occasions to conqure the de facto living room platform, yet most of the search giant's efforts have failed - with one exception.

Launched over a year ago to little fanfare, the £30 Chromecast dongle has gone on to become a big hit around the world, allowing people to quickly and easily convert their older television sets into smart TVs and share everything from photos and music, to YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Netflix from their phones and tablets to the big-screen.

Now a filing with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) in the US suggests Google may be working on an update to the dongle - though only a minor one.

The filing - first seenby Android Police - mentions the addition of support for 5GHz Wi-Fi as well as 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. While this may not sound that important, it could be a major benefit for a lot of people.

For those using compatible routers and mobile devices, using the 5GHz frequency will mean much less conjestion and therefore faster data speeds and fewer disconnections.

That seems to be the full extent of the update to the Chromecast, but considering the simplicity of the device and how well it works already, it is no surprise.

Most of the updates Chromecast has gotten since launch - and will continue to get - will be done through software updates, as well as the ever increasing number of apps supporting the platform.

However supporting a new Wi-Fi frequency will need a new piece of hardware, so we could soon see Google launch an updated version of the Chromecast.