Ice T and Coco Austin
The glamour model is married to actor and rapper Ice T.

Coco Austin became a household name following the success of her hit reality show, Ice Loves Coco, but now the bootylicous star wants to make sex more fun.

The 34-year-old wife of actor Ice T is preparing to venture into the sex toy business with her own collection of X-rated gadgets.

According to TMZ, the glamour model will take on brands such as Ann Summers with her range which includes vibrators, cock rings and massagers.

"The toys will reflect Coco's personality and will include massagers, vibrators, and more," a source told the celebrity site.

"The toys are for solo and couples play. Coco is involved with the entire process, from packaging to the promotional strategy."

Austin is hoping to penetrate the adult sex toy market by January.

In 2011, Austin launched her Licious clothing line which is targeted at women with curves.

The range features dresses, swimwear and jeans that can fit a slim size 2 up to a voluptuous size 14.

"I always had a problem getting my clothes to fit right, I was always getting them tailored so I know what women go through," she said.