(Photo: Corrupt Tours)
(Photo: Corrupt Tours)

Described by fellow World Travel Market attendees as simply "the sickest idea for a business", Corrupt Tours is the only travel company to organise trips that take you to sites that are linked to corruption - and is now looking to broaden its portfolio by setting up camp in another destination.

Speaking with IBTimes UK, co-founder Pavel Kotyza, also known as Paul, says that Corrupt's Czech-based tours, which take you to sites deemed the "best of the worst" examples of ex-communist corruption, have been such a hit that they are looking to open a second office elsewhere.

"Right now we are calling for suggestions over where we should set up another tour. If people are going to make money from corruption, we are going to be taking it back by making money out of them," said Kotyza.

Tours include the Prague Crony Safari where tourists can visit "the habitats of cronies in the wild and visit inconspicuous nests to divert unwanted attention," as well as viewing three Prague hospitals "notorious for graft and sleaze."

Dressed in berets and army fatigues, the Corrupt Tours team seems to resemble the 2D experience actors of Disney World and other theme parks, and offers trips in either English or German.

The destinations are a little esoteric, as the "safaris" can include visiting Prague's Town Hall and an empty meadow hosting a non-existent Olympic stadium.

So what does the Czech government think?

This year, Prague Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda said "of course I'm not happy [with Corrupt Tours], but if we closed the door, we would only show nothing here has changed."

According to Transparency International's 2011 Corruption Perception Index of 183 countries, Somalia tops the list as the world's most corrupt country, while the Czech Republic ranked 57th alongside Namibia and Saudi Arabia.