Windows 9
Windows 9

The leaked build of Windows 9 has now highlighted the existence of Microsoft's personal assistant, Cortana in the update while revealing its features.

The Windows 9 technical preview with build number 9834 now contains numerous references to Cortana. WinFuture has shared a few screenshots from the leaked build to substantiate the information.

How Cortana works in Windows 9

Although Microsoft has been rumoured on several occasions to be adding Cortana in the next Windows update, how the feature worked remained a mystery until now.

Neowin, which has been tipped by its sources, reports that Cortana is an app that opens up the personal digital assistant. Users can either type in their queries or verbally ask questions in a relatively small window. This is unlike the Windows Phone, which offers a full screen experience.

As far as looks are concerned, the Cortana app for desktop is similar to that of the Windows Phone version. The app takes about 25% of the screen, while being placed in the centre. As for the design, the Cortana in Windows 9 carries a similar circular shape and is animated as well.

What makes Cortana an even more appealing feature is Microsoft's attempt to add updates to the virtual assistant twice-a-month and make off-cycle updates. The Redmond-based tech major has confirmed this in an interview in June.

Here are the leaked screenshots with reference to Cortana in Windows 9.