Wuhan China
Wuhan residents waited in long lines in the summer heat to get tested for the virus Photo: AFP / STR

A researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology has now claimed that China created Covid-19 as a bioweapon. The explosive claims were made by Chao Shao in an interview with Jennifer Zeng, a member of the International Press Association.

He said that scientists were given the task of identifying the most effective strain of coronavirus to spread it among various species, including people.

Chao Shao admitted that he and his colleagues were given four strains to determine which one would be most effective. He further stated that several of his colleagues went missing during the 2019 Military World Games held in Wuhan and that one of them later revealed that they were sent to a hotel.

The purpose of their visits to the hotel where some of the athletes were staying was to "inspect health and hygiene conditions." Chao Shao believes that their main motive was to spread the virus instead.

The interview which has been posted on Jennifer Zeng's blog was conducted in September 2021. Parts from the interview have now taken social media by storm. IBT UK can't independently verify the claims made by Chao Shao. It is also not clear if he still works at the infamous Wuhan lab.

Covid lab leak theories:

Over the last few years, governments, scientists, investigators, and various organisations have been trying to find the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several theories have cropped up, but conclusive evidence has been difficult to come by so far. Recently, a report into the origin of the pandemic claimed that Chinese scientists were working on a secret project at the infamous Wuhan lab before COVID-19 hit the world.

According to an investigation by The Sunday Times, scientists in Wuhan were working in collaboration with Chinese military researchers to combine the world's most deadly viruses.

It added that the experiment may have caused a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which led to the novel coronavirus outbreak. The publication claims that it analysed hundreds of documents, including confidential reports, internal memos, scientific papers, and email correspondence, for its investigative report.

It further stated that the Chinese scientists were conducting risky experiments on coronaviruses collected from bat caves. They managed to find a new type of coronavirus in a mine shaft in Mojiang, Yunnan Province. However, they did not warn the world about the virus.

The reports and communications related to the experiments became classified, ensuring that the task could be carried out in secret.

The US investigators believe that the programme was meant to make the virus found in Yunnan more infectious to humans, leading to the creation of COVID-19. They also concluded that the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab in an accident.

"It has become increasingly clear that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was involved in the creation, promulgation, and cover-up of the COVID-19 pandemic," one of the investigators said.

The former head of China's Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Professor George Gao, has also said that the lab leak theory should not be ruled out.

Gao's claims hold significance as he was among the top Chinese government scientists who led China's COVID response. He made the revelations during an interview with the BBC Radio 4 podcast "Fever: The Hunt for Covid's Origin."

"You can always suspect anything. That's science. Don't rule out anything," he said during the interview.

Gao went on to add that the Chinese government did initiate an investigation into whether the virus originated from the lab in Wuhan and that "it was double-checked by the experts in the field." He did not exactly reveal what actions were taken by the government but indicated that the Chinese government "organised something" to investigate the Wuhan Institute of Virology.