The crusading 14 year old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yusufzai who was targeted and shot in the head and neck by Taliban gunmen while travelling home from school in a school bus with two school friends .

Has been airlifted from Islamabad with her parents and medical staff where she is due to be treated at the specialist rehabilitation centre Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Malala received immediate life-saving treatment by neurosurgeons at the country's top military hospital in Rawalpindi, and a panel of doctors recommended that Malala be shifted abroad to a UK centre for treatment

Malala rose to national prominence after writing a blog for the BBC three years ago, highlighting the atrocities committed by the Taliban against girls and women; including, poisoning drinking water, gassing, girls and attacking and burning down schools to stop them having an education.

Her shooting has attracted international condemnation and thousands turned up to show their support for her. This man praised Malal but said the government must tackle the Taliban problem

"Malala is not only a Muslim girl but she is our daughter too. We feel the same pain which is being felt by the whole nation. We strongly condemn this occurrence. We demand the government to hand exemplary punishment to those responsible for the incident."

Malala is expected to need treatment to repair or replace damaged bones in her skull and to undergo neurological treatment. And the next few days are likely to be critical for her. The BBC has reported that four people have been arrested in connection with the part of the local investigation.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter