David Cameron was speaking at the House of Commons today, in the first Prime Ministers questions, since the summer break, and yesterday's cabinet reshuffle. He fended off his critics that said it was the same old faces and the same old policies and that the coalition isn't working.

Dennis Skinner the MP for Bolsover went one step further and said David Cameron should call a general election.

In response David Cameron said he had picked a ministerial team that showed the government "means business".

Then Labour leader Ed Miliband to great support hit Cameron head on with a list of policy failures failures of the coalition government

However aside from the economy, the other thorny issue surrounding the government is the issue of Heathrow Airport expansion which Justine Greening was against, until her sacking yesterday, as part of the reshuffle. Critics such as London Mayor Boris Johnson and Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith have always believed that Gatwick and the Thames Estuary are better options and both believe her departure after possible aviation lobbying , will prepare the ground for a change of government policy with . David Cameron has said this will be addressed in the next couple of days.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.