Speculation is mounting about an imminent ministerial reshuffle as MPs return for a new parliamentary term. The reshuffle could come as early as tomorrow, and these would be the first major changes to David Cameron's top team - putting in place the main ministers in the run up to the next general election.

Just this weekend saw David Cameron talking in The Daily Mail about 'how to make Britain more competitive' and he alluded to a bit of a u-turn on the expansion of Heathrow, which as of last week was not going to happen. But as they say, a week is a long time in politics. Then the chancellor George Osborne got in on the act as he outlined in a BBC interview how the government would guarantee £40 bn in infrastructure projects and £10 bn in housing developments as well as creating a small business bank to beef up lending to small enterprises.

David Cameron added: "Frankly, I am frustrated by the hoops you have to jump through to get anything done - and I come back to parliament more determined than ever to cut through the dither that holds this country back."

Written and presented by Ann Salter.