Scientists recreate first spark of life on Earth through an asteroid simulation Creative Commons

The beauty of the glimmering sky during comet showers may turn into a nightmare if predictions by German scientists come true.

According to astrophysicists from Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, a large group of comets may enter the inner solar system and collide with the Earth resulting in a devastating apocalypses.

The comet invasion may wipe out life from Earth completely by creating a gravity imbalance of the solar system.

The report published by the German institute also reveals that asteroids and comets that are orbiting past Neptune will pose a bigger threat to our solar system.

"Stars which pass close to the Sun can perturb the Oort cloud, injecting comets into the inner solar system where they may collide with the Earth," Dr Coryn Bailer-Jones wrote in his report.

Bailer-Jones came to this conclusion after meticulously studying the orbits of 50,000 suns around the galaxy.

"The search uses a Monte Carlo simulation over the covariance of data in order to properly characterize the uncertainties in the times, distances, and speeds of the encounters," the report reads.

Bailer-Jones also mentions that Gliese 710 has the potential to upset the hypothetical Oort cloud which will result in a series of comet showers into the inner Solar system.

However, earthlings need not worry for a catastrophe to happen in the near future as the errant comet showering star won't reach earth until 500,000 years from now.