Demi Lovato has denied reports that she is preparing to walk down the aisle with long-time boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. On Instagram, the Warrior singer admitted that while she was besotted with her partner – who is known for playing Fez on That '70s Show – she was not ready for marriage just yet.

"He's there for me when others aren't... He supports me when others won't... He loves me when others don't," Demi captioned the photo, before editing to add: "(not engaged... yall are crazy)," She wrote alongside a snap of the pair holding hands, with the now 23-year-old wearing a gold band on her ring finger. Speaking to E! News at a Samsung event in Hollywood on 19 August, she added: "I'm literally turning 23 this week. There's no rush. We've been together so long [that] there's no rush."

In May, OK! Magazine reported that the pair were getting ready to say "I do" after five years of dating. "Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have been through a lot together in the five plus years that they've been dating. And now, the lovebirds are about to take the next step in their relationship — marriage!" the article read.

To add fuel to the fire, the former X Factor judge recently admitted in an interview with radio show ZM in New Zealand that she would accept if he proposed . "I am very, very in love with him," she said. "I think we'll probably wait a bit longer, but if he asked tomorrow, I'd say yes."

Lovato and Valderrama, 35, have been dating since 2010, although they split for a briefly while in 2012. She has previously confessed their 12-year age gap was initially a matter of contention.

"I was 18 and he was 30 so people were definitely judgmental and even my parents were kind of, 'Why is someone his age wanting to date someone so young?" she explained. "And after a while everyone around us started to see what we have is real and incredible and very special, and we've been together ever since. Obviously my family loves him [now]. People kind of stop doing that because you can see when we're together or even just from our Instagrams that we're very sweet to one another."