Pop singer Demi Lovato has responded to reports that she is the latest celebrity victim to be targeted in the hacking attack being dubbed Fappening 2:0. According to The Sun, a racy snap of the of the 24-year-old lying in bed wearing an unzipped top recently begun circulating on porn sites.

It follows similar breaches of privacy that have targeted female celebrities from across the globe including WWE star Paige. Actresses Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson are also preparing to take legal action following the leak of their intimate images on Reddit and 4chan.

Seyfried's legal team issued a letter on behalf of the actress saying the "unauthorised use and distribution of the Seyfried Photographs constitutes, at a minimum, copyright infringement, violation of Ms Seyfried's right of privacy under applicable law, and tortious conduct under state and common law."

Taking to Twitter, Lovato assured her 41.8m followers that a collection of images had not been leaked. Along with a laughing emoji, she wrote: " I love how everyone is freaking out about one picture. It's not nude and its just cleavage."

Back in 2014, the Heart Attack hitmaker − who recently celebrated five years of sobriety − was one of the female victims that had their nude images shared on blogs and social media after hackers gained access to their Gmail accounts and Apple iCloud. Intimate images showed her in various states of undress and also in bed with then-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

At the time the cyber-criminal responsible reportedly told Radar Oline: "The collection I have show some nude, including face, some including parts of the body Demi is known for – tattoos, butt, chin. Then, I have pictures of her getting rowdy... I can guarantee you these photos are legitimately of Demi."

As the drama continues to unfold, Lovato will be focusing on promoting her new film, Smurfs: The Lost Village. The entertainer joins Julia Roberts and Joe Manganiello to voice some of the characters in the film.

Demi Lovato
Singer Demi Lovato addressed the leak of private images in 2017 Bryan Bedder / Getty