Derby UFO
Derby UFO Image Credit: YouTube/Galactic Guru

A glowing disc-shaped Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted hovering over the skies of Derby, England.

Ufologist Scott C Waring and author of the blog site Ufosightingsdaily posted the video of the sighting on his website and wrote: "This glowing orb is not the moon. I saw the moon last night and its only a long splinter and wont be a full moon for awhile. This orb does begin to move and drops down into the clouds to hide."

"Nice catch of a UFO over Derby for the past year. This type of UFO has been frequently reported by UK press in the Derby area off and on all year", he added.

In the video, the glowing UFO can be seen static on the sky, before it slowly starts descending and disappears behind dark clouds.

Check out the video of the sighting here:

[Video Credit: YouTube/Galactic Guru]

A number of UFO sightings have been reported in the UK recently and the latest sighting is just one among them.

Last week, strange lights hovering over the skies of Dorset, south-west England was reported by Dorset Echo newspaper.

The newspaper reported the sighting after the lights were spotted by a reader who sent pictures to the publication.

Witness Mark Lichtensteiger told the newspaper: "At first I thought it was some sort of helicopter display or formation but when the lights disappeared there was absolutely nothing there. They came back on and then kept flashing on and off, all at different times. There must have been five or six lights, which were all stationary in the sky".

Meanwhile, last month, a woman from Hull photographed what she believes was a sign of alien life on earth.

Jean Dearing spotted lights hovering over the skies while she was on the terrace of her Southcoates Lane home.

"I can only say what I saw. I've always wanted to see a UFO and now I have," she said, adding, "It was very, very vivid."

"It was so bright and almost a fan-shaped object, half the size of the moon. I dashed in to get my camera and when I looked up again the object was beginning to move in a clockwise circular motion, clearly visible and then dropped quite sharply downwards and then back upwards," she added.

Another post by Waring on his blog suggests that alien life may be keeping a watch over the scantily populated continent of Antarctica as well.

Along with a video of the sighting, Waring wrote on his blog site: "This unusual orb was caught this week over a scientific station in Antarctica. There are a lot of reasons why a UFO might visit here."

"First off the population is so low that the chances of being seen or recorded are minuscule. Second these are humans working to make new discoveries in science...that could be intriguing to aliens", he added.

Check out the video here:

[Video Credit: YouTube/Dahboo Seven]