UFO spotted in NASA mercury mission picture
Self claimed UFO expert Scott Waring claims that the object to the left of this 55-year-old NASA image is an alien aircraft. Nasa

A 55-year-old picture of Nasa's Mercury Mission has sparked UFO sightings and alien aircraft rumours all over again, after Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily claimed that he found something unusual in the picture posted on Nasa's official website.

The pictures were taken by the unmanned Nasa capsule during the Project Mercury mission that commenced in 1958 and ended in 1963.

Waring has claimed on his website that the unexplained object in the background is an alien spaceship, which was floating in space to observe the Mercury capsule

"I found a disk in some photos of the Mercury mission. The mission took place in Dec [December] of 1960, and why wouldn't aliens be interested in watching a historical moment in human history? Especially since the capsule was unmanned, there were no worries that they would be seen," Waring wrote on his blog.

He explained his theory: "Its actually the Earth in the background and the UFO is in space observing the Mercury capsule. The disk is hard to make out in the first photo, but three photos later its easy to see. It looks like a classic disk with a wedge cut out of it. We are living in a remarkably era, when certain deep truths about the universe come within reach of the human spirit."

This is not the first time that the Waring has posted Nasa pictures with suspected aliens, few months ago he claimed to have spotted unidentified flying object spying over Nasa's pre-Apollo mission, when he noticed two glowing objects in a photo from the 1966 Gemini mission.