An American pilot, Andrew Danziger, has revealed an eerie encounter he had with a UFO (unidentified flying object) in mid air in April 1989.

Danziger recounts his unexplained flight experiences over the Kansas City International Airport on the way to Waterloo in his column in the New York Daily News.

The pilot claims he and his co-pilot saw a white 'moon like' disk hovering over the sky of Kansas City for about 40 minutes. What was spooky was that he saw two moons on opposite sides of his cockpit.

"There was no beam of light coming from the ground, no search light from an airport either. The captain and I had cumulatively spent many years flying and were accustomed to seeing — day and night — all manner of airplane, blimp, hot air balloon, satellite and bird. But neither of us had any idea what this disc could be," he wrote.

The veteran pilot also reveals that the white disc later changed into a giant red ball and stood still above the clouds before beginning a gradual descent. It later disappeared behind the clouds.

Danziger claims that both the pilots got a call from the National UFO Reporting Center who interviewed them separately and said that "This very same thing has been reported by pilots countless times."

The incident happened more than 25 years ago but the turboprops and Boeing aircraft pilot holds the opinion that with billions of stars and trillions of planets out there, "ya gotta believe".

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