Have you been daydreaming about sweets like "ladoos", "kaju ki barfi", "jalebi", "gajar ka halwa" and savory snacks "gujiya" off-late? Did you wish for new clothes as presents? Is there a lingering feeling of being back at home just for this day? It's certainly nostalgic.

It's Diwali time! The Hindu Festival of Lights is back this year, bringing fun, frolic and exciting promises. According to mythology, it was on this day when the deity Ram had returned home with his goddess wife Sita after defeating the demon King Ravana. Diwali is celebrated across the world to rejoice this event.

With more than 1 million British Indians residing in the UK, the festive spirit has always been upbeat. Be it the lighting of lamps or spread of colorful designs ("rangoli") or the display of fireworks or people glowing in traditional and ethnic wear, Diwali evokes a feeling of togetherness with people of various ethnicity and age groups including the locals.

Meanwhile, acknowledging the contribution made by British Hindus and the British Indian community, Prime Minister David Cameron has extended Diwali wishes to everyone. He added the Hindus and the Indians have excelled in every sphere and brought cultures and communities much closer.

In a statement issued from 10 Downing Street, Cameron said: "I want to send my very best wishes to all our communities here in the United Kingdom and around the world celebrating the festival of Diwali."

"Diwali, with all its references to friendship, family and fellowship, is something that we can all embrace and celebrate. It gives me enormous pleasure to be able to again host Downing Street's celebration of Diwali in October," he said.

"As well as celebrating Diwali, which is so important to British Hindus, Sikhs and Jains, we should also recognise and celebrate the immense contribution the British Hindu and the British Indian community make to our country. In every single sphere you have excelled, bringing our cultures and communities much closer together. So may this New Year bring you great success in your endeavours. I wish you and your family a happy Diwali," Cameron added.

Check out the Diwali celebration in pictures.