With elections scheduled for 15 March, Dutch MPs reacted furiously to a fake photo shared by far-right politician Geert Wilders showing the leader of the liberal party (D66) Alexander Pechtold taking part in a pro-Hamas demonstration, surrounded by people holding Shariah for The Netherlands banners.

The populist leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) tweeted the photoshopped image with the caption: "D66 wants to separate Amsterdam [from rest of country] if election result is disappointing. Pechtold demonstrates with Hamas terrorists. Is this the next step?"

Alexander Pechtold wrote on Twitter: "Creative copy and pasting from Geert Wilders. Unfortunately the neo-nazis at his demonstration weren't photoshopped."

On Facebook he said: "A lot of the time I can laugh about people being creative with pictures on the internet. But not this time. Not because I can't take it, but because it gives people the wrong ideas. That is clear from my Twitter timeline. This is how Wilders stirs up his supporters."

Wilders commented: "Stop complaining dramaqueen. You were the one demonstrating in the middle of Palestinian flags, AFA-activists and your Hamas friends. Hypocrite."

Jesse Klaver, leader of the Green party (Groenlinks) described Wilders' message on Twitter as "irresponsible and low. He commented: "The person who shares fake news about others, throws away his own credibility."

Dutch journalist Pieter Munnik shared the original image on Twitter, showing a protester in place of Pechtold. The image was taken in London in 2009 at a protest against Wilders' visit to the UK.

Lodewijk Asscher, the leader of the Labour Party (PVDA), urged Wilders to delete his account, taking a leaf out of Hillary Clinton's campaign manual.