Hundreds of videogames are shown off at E3 and we've sorted the digital wheat from the pixelated chaff to present the top 10 titles from 2012.

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Have we missed out your favourite shooter? Or failed to crack that puzzling strategy you love so much?

Tell us your choice for the top 10 videogames from E3 in the comments section below.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: Halo 4

Halo 4 got a live-action trailer featuring real actors showing off the storyline elements of the game. A ship with the best and brightest aboard on a peaceful mission of exploration, which couldn't sound more Star Trek if it wanted to.

This being Microsoft's flagship title at E3, the company wasn't going to offer a single video no matter how much of a cheer the trailer got at the end.

After a bit of chatter, there quickly followed some Halo 4 onstage game play, with Master Chief meeting the latest threat to the universe and picking up some new weapons along the way.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: Resident Evil 6

Easily winning the award for game trailer that most looks like an action film.

Leon's going to have a tough battle on his hands as he takes on Ada Wong and the Neo-Umbrella Corp and their army of new mutant zombies.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: South Park: The Stick of Truth

"Fight for the stick!" goes the war cry in this Lord of the Rings style adventure based in the South Park universe.

Which character do you get to play? That would be you. Being the new kid in town has never been so cool.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: Wreckateer

Unveiled with little fanfare (the trailer was shown at the Microsoft press conference and then the show moved quickly on), Wreckateer caught our eye as being a simple but fun addition to Microsoft Kinect.

It's sort of like Angry Birds only with total castle destruction in mind. So quite like Angry Birds then.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: The Last of Us

It's the end of the world and we feel fine! OK, so the infected are chasing you and the other survivors you meet are generally even more deadly.

Check out the cheers on this E3 footage as some awesome teamwork leads to a take down when the bullets run dry.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: ZombiU

Nintendo was the only one of the big three to grant our wishes and show off a new games console.

Reason to buy the Wii U, with its tablet-like screen that acts as a controller? ZombiU.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: Guacamelee

The platform playability of Super Mario Brothers, the kick-ass moves of Mexican wrestling, a tongue firmly jammed in its cheek - what's not to like about Guacamelee.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

We'll always make time to watch Optimus Prime and Megatron taking lumps out of each other but it's the end of this trailer that has our fanboy limbs quivering.

It does beg the question: how did the Autobots lose that war?

Even better news is that Hasbro has spent the last three months turning a genuine Peterbilt truck into an accurate version of Optimus Prime and it will be visiting locations across the UK later this year to promote the game. Shotgun!

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: Metro: Last Light

If you only play one post-apocalyptic videogame this year... then you're not playing enough games.

Metro: Last Light is based in Russia in the near future and sees mankind fighting a brutal war despite the terrible conditions that make it hard to survive on Earth.

Our favourite bit of this in-game footage is the order to take out the guards quietly. That's hard to follow when you find such a big gun.

The Top 10 Games of E3 2012: Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition

Hang on, didn't we play this last year?

On the PS3 and Xbox 360, yes. On the Wii U, with advanced new features designed to get the best out of the touchscreen, no.

If ever there was a reason to spend precious gaming time replaying an old favourite, this is it.

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