Lucy Beale
Who killed Lucy Beale? BBC

This Friday the biggest whodunit in recent times will come full circle, with EastEnders fans finally finding out who killed Lucy Beale on Good Friday.

In its 30-year history, the BBC drama has not only given us explosive storylines and tackled hard-hitting issues, it has also produced some of the most terrifying baddies to grace our screens.

From 'Dirty' Den Watts to the vindictive Archie Mitchell, IBTimes UK recaps Walford's greatest villains.

Janine Butcher

After killing her naïve and overweight husband Barry, pretending to be a Jewish orphan, poisoning her boyfriend, stabbing herself to frame someone for murder and kidnapping Stacey Branning's daughter, it's safe to say that Janine Butcher has earned her 'Queen of Evil' title. Scheming is her middle name.

Cindy Beale

Cunning villainness Cindy Beale is best known for making Ian's life a misery. Not only did she, have a string of affairs, she hired a hitman to kill him, and even ran away with their children.

Trevor Morgan

Trevor Morgan is definitely in the running for the Villain of the Century award. After years of abuse, his wife Mo attacks him with an iron in self-defence on New Year's Eve in 2001. He finally died in a house fire.

Michael Moon

Michael Moon's psychotic tendencies included getting his cousin Alfie's wife pregnant, attempting to get Jean institutionalised after conning her out of her Lottery winnings and convincing besotted Alice Branning to help him kill his equally poisonous wife Janine. On the up side, he had impeccable style.

Yusef Khan

Not satisfied with setting her alight back in Pakistan, Zainab Masood's ex-husband Yusef arrived in Albert Square to inflict more pain. He began manipulating her with sleeping pills, abused her and eventually tried to murder her entire family. Ironically, he got burnt to death.

Tony King

In 2009, EastEnders tackled the issue of child abuse with the shocking Tony and Whitney storyline. Unknown to Bianca Butcher, her paedophile fiancé had begun sexually abusing her step daughter from the age of 12. Once Whitney revealed all about their 'romance' on her 16th birthday, evil Tony tried pitting his partner and the teenager against one other.

Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson, aka Denise's murderous husband, managed to raise all types of hell while spewing bible verses. He finally confessed his sins, which included holding Denise hostage in a cellar, and was swiftly carted off to prison.

Stella Crawford

EastEnders took a particularly sinister twist when Phil Mitchell's seemingly timid fiancé Stella Crawford started abusing his little boy Ben. When he found out on their wedding day, it was off the side of a building from there.

Johnny Allen

Hardman Johnny Allen was a proper east end gangster. A former pimp to the young Pat Evans, arrived in Walford with his adored daughter Ruby. He soon got busy bumping off Dennis Rickman and Andy Hunter.

Archie Mitchell

Calculating, deceptive and charismatic, Archie Mitchell was up to no good from the moment he graced our scenes. Stealing the Vic from Peggy, killing his unborn grandchild and raping Stacey Branning are just a few of his many sins. He was eventually killed with a gold bust of Queen Victoria from the pub.

Nick Cotton

Drug addict Nick Cotton, aka Walford's most notorious bad boy, was responsible for the first ever EastEnders murder. Since then his crimes have ranged from arson, theft and the attempted murder of his long-suffering ma, Dot.