Easter marks the rebirth of Jesus and is a blessed time for the faithful to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Christ. It is a fun-filled day especially for children to enjoy the chocolate bunnies and jellybean-filled Easter eggs.

Check out the top 5 cool Easter Apps which will make your day:

[1] Easter Bunny Scanner

Easter Bunny Scanner is themed as naughty or nice scanner just for parents. The app reminds kids to be good for the Easter bunny to arrive and offer them delicious candies or treats. It will scan the child and tell if he/she is good egg or bad egg. It flaunts fun animations and sound. If the colours blinking in the centre are red and yellow then it is a bad egg result. If the centre blinks with cool colours like blue and green then it is an outcome of good egg. If all the colours blink then it is set for a random result.

Price: $0.99

[2] Dress Eggy

It is a great time to send an Easter card to your dear ones. Dress Eggy offers the eggs, cool colours and decorations. All one has to do is paint an egg with one's favourite colour and beautify it using stars or polka dots. One can even select the pre-recorded message or even record one's own. Now, the egg post is ready to be delivered to your loved ones by the Easter Bunny without any shipping price. The user can make use of 20 egg colours, four cool designs and cute backgrounds.

Price: $0.99

[3] Easter Fun For Kids

Easter Fun For Kids app blends education, Easter and fun for kids. It includes educational topics like counting, logic and words. The best part is, kids will learn the educational skills even while enjoying music. Tic Tac Toe can be played by turning oneself into a bunny to beat the bad wolves. Kids can have fun in wondering how to complete a word by guessing the letters by playing Hang Rabbit game. The app also packs more amazing games such as Word Book, Spell Fun, Count Bunnies and Decorate Basket.

Price: $0.99

[4] Easter

Easter app shows a countdown to Easter day as well as Easter Bunny Tracker. The user can see where the Bunny has been leaving eggs. The app offers a Bunny blog which describes a cute story about the adventures of Easter Bunny.

Price: $0.99

[5] Vintage Easter Cards

Vintage Easter Cards comes with an exclusive collection of sixty beautiful greeting cards for the special day. It offers an easy to use flip-through gallery and the cards can be easily downloaded. The user can select the desired card an e-mail it to his/her friends and relatives.

Price: $1.99